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In addition to a staff of 130, IFS has 6 Cruise Comp specialists that each have in excess of 25 years of practical experience preparing, performing and analysing timber cruising, cruise compilations and stumpage appraisals. In addition, we have software databases and considerable expertise hosting training seminars to assist your team.

Compilation Services

Our timber cruising software provides every service you might require to meet BC Government standards, as well as a host of specialized reports and analysis.

Standard appraisal compilations include over 75 different kinds of reports for government appraisal submissions and for industrial needs.

Custom Compilations include:
  • Custom log bucking routines
  • Custom end-use sort matrices
  • Compile using Big BAF/Little BAF sampling method
CruiseComp users have access to historical cruise data to answer questions regarding forest inventory volumes.

Industrial Forestry Service maintains a database of tens of thousands of public timber cruise plots from 2004 to present covering almost all of British Columbia. This data is available for customized analysis of historic timber attributes and to project future trends.


Training programs are available to enhance the knowledge of your team and to make sure every feature of our timber cruising apps offer is utilized to its full customized capacity.
  • CruiseComp training (Compiler and/or Data Entry applications)
  • Timber Cruising training and call-grade training

Stumpage Analysis

Interior appraisal optimizer services are available to analyze your distribution of cut blocks and ensure cutting permit configurations to help derive an optimal stumpage rate.

The analysis process begins with the client providing IFS with their cruise data and an appraisal spreadsheet (supplied by IFS) filled with CP and block appraisal parameters and costs.

This information is run through the IFS appraisal optimizer program which provides a summary of cut block configurations into different cutting permits. Only options that show average lower cost compared to the base case of all blocks are summarized in the report. The Optimizer Report (above) shows the best options for splitting the initial number of blocks into sub permits and potential savings in $ per cubic metre.

The Appraisal Optimizer has several additional reporting features such as reporting options based on the sampling error requirements, combining certain blocks together or keeping certain blocks apart, or setting a maximum sub permit volume.

For more information on our compilation services and training, please give us a call at 604-730-9131

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