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An integrated approach to the collection, compilation and appraisal of data.

User-friendly products work seamlessly together to increase efficiency. Cruiser, the handheld app, collects field data, which is then imported into our newly updated CruiseComp program, CruiserDesktop app. This is ultimately used in the Interior Appraisal app to determine the stumpage rate.

Each product is able to operate on its own, as well as interdependently. The software is quick and easy to use, does not require specialized technology and operates with most devices.


Replacing hand-scribed cruise cards with a tablet data collector, our timber cruising app Cruiser, is an excellent choice for serious quality- and production-oriented timber cruisers.

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CruiseComp is now

Newly updated industry leading timber cruising compiler is easy to use with many value added modules to provide your operation with the outputs you require to make sound decisions.

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Extend Your Data with

CruiseComp has an array of modules to allow the prudent forest analyst to assess log quality, log profile and bucking specifications.

Customizable log profiles

Summarize cruiser call grades using alpha, numeric or your own custom user grades

Combine various cruise data projects into one dataset

Create custom log lengths based on min/max top and butt diameters

Create log sort estimates based on species, grade and top diameter of your logs

Summarizes site index calculations and can create customized forest layers by type

Create new species based on various tree attributes

Output reports to excel spreadsheet file

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Interior Appraisal App

Predict stumpage rates before entering your information into the BC government system.

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Interior Stumpage Analysis

Provides planners with various cutblock combinations for cutting permit determination and stumpage rate options.

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