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Endorsed by the BC government for compiling interior and coastal areas and used by the Saskatchewan government. The timber cruising software is designed to meet all government editing and reporting requirements for appraisal calculations.

CruiserDesktop has an array of modules to allow the prudent forest analyst to assess log quality, log profile and bucking specifications.



Simple Entry

CruiserDesktop makes it easy to enter plot and compilation data and make edits without going back to the tablet.

Easy Data Merging

Seamless merging of plot data into CruiserDesktop.

Wide Range of Reports

Print out plot cards and 75+ different reports available to pdf.

Extend Your Data with

There are many modules that provide even more report outputs for log quality, log profiles, end use sort summaries, simulating log bucking and calculating site index.

Customizable log profiles

Custom top/butt diameter distributions, summarize by fixed or variable diameter classes using metric or imperial diameter measurements and choose various board foot log rules. Works well with the Call Grading, Log Bucking and End Use Sort modules. Summaries report gross, net volumes, number of logs, average log length, average top/butt log diameter, lineal metres, volume/lineal metres, cubic lineal, volume/ft, board feet, log taper and more.

Summarize cruiser call grades using alpha, numeric or your own custom user grades

Compile BC statutory alpha grades, user-defined grades and variable or fixed length logs. Use net factors or lookup tables for decay deductions, summarize net volumes by fixed or variable diameter classes and create custom validation tables. Combines well with the Log Analysis and End Use Sort modules.

Combine various cruise data projects into one dataset

Combine different CruiseComp data files into one file.

Create custom log lengths based on min/max top and butt diameters

Create custom log bucking rules based on your specifications. Bucking rules based on min. top/butt diameters, max. top/butt diameters, min./max. log lengths, preferred log lengths, species, grade and log value.

Create log sort estimates based on species, grade and top diameter of your logs

Create your specific end use sort matrices based on species, grade and top diameter classes. Report summarizes net volume and % recoverable volume by species and sort or by species, sort and grade. Works well with the Call Grading, Log Analysis and Log Bucking modules.

Summarizes site index calculations and can create customized forest layers by type

Calculate site index. Create customized layers in a timber type based on DBH, height and age to review the basal area/ha., volume/ha. and stems/ha. of the timber by type.

Create new species based on various tree attributes

Create new species based on the attributes of species, tree class, damage type , damage code, min/max dbh class

Output reports to excel spreadsheet file



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Latest Release

Cruiser Desktop Compiler 2022.00 Version (Windows)

Build Number: build 377/ccbc build 6372

64 bit Windows 7/10/11 (full-install new version replaces build 351/ccbc build 6361)

July 1, 2022 Cruiser Desktop 2022.00 has been released

  • Spruce and Cedar grade algorithms for the coast will be the same as last year.
  • Harvest method descriptions have been shortened to fit on reports better.
  • VBAR stats were fixed as well as other small bugs.

Please refer to the Cruiser Desktop User Guide for more changes.

Cruiser Desktop Compiler 2021.00 Version (Windows)
Build Number: build 351/ccbc build 6361

Cruiser Desktop Compiler 2021.00 Version (Windows)
Build Number: build 333/ccbc build 6357

Cruiser Desktop Compiler 2020.00 Version (Windows)
Build Number: build 295/ccbc build 6318

Cruiser Desktop Compiler 2020.00 Version (Windows)
Build Number: build 286/ccbc build 6316

Cruiser Desktop Compiler Version (Windows)
Build Number: build 268/ccbc build 6307

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