CruiseComp has now become CruiserDesktop.  We are transitioning the software over in the next few months.

CruiseComp has been our compiler for over 25 years.  We are now introducing Cruiser (our field data entry app) and CruiserDesktop which interfaces with the Cruiser app to transfer, merge, validate and print cruise plot data.  Within the next few months, the CruiserDesktop will also become the full blown CruiseComp cruise data compiler.  It has a new interface that we believe is more intuitive and even easier to use.



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When do you use CruiseComp? May 1, 2019


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Latest Release

CCBC 2023.00

Build Number: build 6398

Full installation. Download and then double-click on exe to begin installation.

July 1, 2023 CruiseComp 2023.00 has been released

  • Spruce and Cedar grade algorithms for the coast have been updated.
  • Extended summary reports now report the partial cut percent (cutting permit, block, type).
  • Added a new field in custom log length module to include Butt logs. If field has “Y”, the rule can be written just for the butt log.
  • Tree grade assignment rules with DBH values have been fixed.
  • 4 digit type numbers are now exported correctly to cct file for percent reductions, types, and sample trees.
  • The version in Project Description report was not being updated.
  • The volumes are calculating to 64 bytes instead of 32 bytes (increased precision) so may show slight differences in volumes (but more precise).
  • Please refer to the CCBC help manual for more changes.

CCBC 2022.00
Build Number: build 6372

CCBC 2021.00
Build Number: build 6357

CCBC 2020.00 (update)
Build Number: build 6318

CCBC 2020.00 (update)
Build Number: build 6316

CCBC 2020.00 (full install)
Build Number: Build 6302

CCBC 2019.01 (full install)
Build Number: Build 6276

CCBC 2019.00 (full install)
Build Number: Build 6231

CCBC 2018.00 (full install)
Build Number: Build 6204

CCBC 2017.01 (full install)
Build Number: Build 6070

CCBC 2017.00 (update)
Build Number: Build 6060

CCBC 2017.00 (update)
Build Number: Build 6057

CCBC 2017.00 (full install)
Build Number: Build 6054

CCBC 2016.01 (full install)
Build Number: Build 6023

CCBC 2016.00 (full install)
Build Number: Build 6004

CCBC 2015.00 (full install)
Build Number: Build 5949

CCBC 2014.00 (full install)
Build Number: Build 5885

CCBC 2013.01 (full install)
Build Number: Build 5833

CCBC 2012.00a (self extract)
Build Number: Build 5799

CCBC 2012.00 (full install)
Build Number: Build 5791

CCBC 2011.00 (self-extract)
Build Number: Build 5786

CCBC 2011.00 (full install)
Build Number: Build 5782

CCBC 2010.00 (self extract)
Build Number: Build 5746

CCBC 2010.00 (full extract)
Build Number: Build 5746

CCBC 2009.00 (self extract)
Build Number: Build 5702

CCBC 2009.00 (full install)
Build Number: Build 5702

CCBC 2008.00 (self extract)
Build Number: Build 5674

CCBC 2007.01 (self extract)
Build Number: Build 5659

CCBC 2006.02 (zip files)
Build Number: Build 5634

CCBC 2006.02 (full install)
Build Number: Build 5634

CCBC 2005.1 (zip files)
Build Number: Build 5030

CCBC 2004.1 (full install)
Build Number: Build 4068

Sentinel drivers (zip file)
Build Number: ver 7.6.1

Sentinel drivers (zip file)
Build Number: ver 7.7.1

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